Extreme Couponing (Well, Not Quite)

Andrew Extreme CouponingI think coupons get a bad rap sometimes, thanks to TV shows that make people who save them look coo-coo crazy.

I can’t stress enough how much a simple Google search can help you save big any time you go to purchase something! You can almost always find a promo code for free shipping, or 10% off a purchase of a certain amount. The possibilities are endless. You might not find anything, but it takes 2 seconds to make sure you cover all your bases.

So maybe we don’t have stacks of coupons, and maybe we don’t spend all day collecting newspapers, but I do feel like we’re pretty good at spotting a good deal. I don’t think it’s common knowledge, but there are a bunch of moving and home-related coupons you can get just for changing your address online with the United States Postal Service. (Doing this online, by the way, only costs $1 and it takes about 1 minute of your time). On top of that, they’ll probably send you some in the mail after you move too. That’s how we scored the $10 off coupons for Lowe’s (our new, preferred home improvement store) pictured here.

House and home extreme couponing