Plumbfounded, Part 2

Everyone’s always asking us “how’s the house?” “what are you guys working on?” “what kind of projects are you doing?” and most of the time we’ve got a pretty good story to share. Lately, we haven’t had anything big to update on. Instead of something fun and exciting, we’ve been telling people about our plumbing issues.

Old Incorrect Washer Plumbing

This one is a bit complicated, but it involves something we’ve been putting off since we moved in. We’ve always known something wasn’t right about our washing machine set up, but since it had never given us problems, we never did anything about it. The washer had been draining out into a 1 inch pipe that it just barely fit in. So much so that it was duct taped in place.

Old Incorrect Washer Drain Pipe

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. We get a back up in our line somewhere, the kitchen sink drains slow and we hear a weird noise when the toilet flushes. We’ve got a clog. Of all places, water, probably just drained from the washer, backs up and starts leaking at the duct taped connection.

The clog is removed by a professional, who sends another guy with one of those drain cameras back later that night. What does he find? A golf ball sized clump of something in our drain halfway out to the street. Luckily for us it wasn’t a tree root growing through our pipes. I still think it might have actually been a golf ball, but who knows.

To rectify the weak point beyond the washer, we had a plumber install a new exit, and get it up to code.

Correct 2 Inch PVC Washer Drain


Everything was replaced with 2 inch PVC and a new clean out what installed. He also finally disconnected the gardening hose that our old toilet was hooked up to.

Correct PVC Stack in Basement

OK, so I’ll admit this post was kind of boring, but activity is activity and an update is an update. This is one less thing to worry about, and now we’re up to code. Stay tuned for a project that’s a little more exciting, I promise.