Bathroom Epilogue : The Stairs

As of this weekend, the final phase of our bathroom remodel is now finished. You might be saying to yourself, “I saw the pictures, that bathroom is done,” but you’re wrong. As a consequence of removing the window to nowhere and putting a new wall up, we had to “finish” the stairwell down to the basement. Now, keep in mind that there are still a lot of things wrong with this stairwell/storage area, but that’s a project or two for another day. This is what it looked like before this weekend, but post-construction.

Stairway storage remodel

As much I despise this carpet over the stairs, and despite the fact that one time when we vacuumed the house smelled like pasta sauce, we DID need to keep it clean. We bought an extra long canvas to cover the stairs and railing. Everything else was getting painted, so that’s all the coverage that we needed.

Extra Long Canvas Cover for Stairs

Unfortunately, we never took a photo of the storage area under the stairs when we moved in, but there were sliding wood panels covering these shelves. Ugh. The now exposed shelves have proven to be vital in a household devoid of ample closet space. One thing these shelves desperately needed was a fresh coat of paint. And they got that.

Paint Rollers on Shelves

I was using a regular cloth roller with an extending handle on the walls and ceiling and a foam mini roller on the shelves. Then to fill in the gaps and to make sure I didn’t miss any spots in the corners I stuck the foam mini roller on an extender. Then about halfway through, the extending roller snapped in half. We needed more paint from Home Depot anyway, so we bought this crazy telescoping pole. Well worth the 18 bucks.

Extending Roller

After all the paint dried we put all of the supplies back on the shelves. We hung a new set of blinds and also put up a hook for our brooms. There’s a great deal of wasted space on these walls and a lack of light in here at night. We’ve got some room for improvement, so look for some updates on this somewhat awkward area of our house coming soon.

Repainted Stairwell

Repainted Shelves