A Coupla’ Things

Long time no post! Well, not really, but it feels like it anyway. We’ve been super busy since our bathroom project was completed! We had a hectic work week leading up to Thanksgiving, then, of course, we had Thanksgiving! Now we’re just enjoying our bathroom and tackling the next big project; Christmas lights!

Christmas LightsIt’s not that big of a project, but since this is our new house, we’re making it a big deal. We’ve been to Target and Lowe’s several times so far, planning our lights and we’re still not as impressive as the neighbors, but we figure we’ll build up to it over the years.

We used some clips we picked up that hook directly along the roof line. We chose these multi-colored “icicle” lights (I say “icicle because they don’t really look like icicle lights, but we like ’em anyway).

Hanging Christmas lightsHanging Christmas lightsWe’ll have more on this once we get a picture with everything lit up at night. Maybe we’ll use our brand, new…CAMERA! Introducing the newest member of our family, the Canon EOS T2i.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Being the photography and film geeks we are, we knew we needed a Digital SLR that could should quality video. We also love Canon, so it was a fairly easy decisions. These are some of the last photos you will see from the old Canon Powershot A610! A great camera, but we’re running with the big dogs now. Stay tuned for some more updates on our Christmas lights and look out for some lovely new photos from our new camera!