Thinking Spring

I’m not complaining, because this winter has been super mild compared to our last two here in New Jersey, but I could use a little Spring right now. It’s actually been pretty warm and bright these past few weeks, but I think I’m missing the lack of color and the extended amount of daylight the most.

To continue our interior door project, Andrew spent this past Sunday afternoon getting the bi-fold doors hung (more to come on that very soon). We usually do all of our shopping together, but I didn’t want to tear him away from the door project and I was sort of idle so I headed out to the stores. When I’m left to my own devices I tend to get a little compulsive I guess, but I’ve been talking about this for awhile…bringing home some fresh flowers. It’s a simple thing, but not something we normally do. However, as I said, the lack of Spring around here had been really getting to me, so I picked up some lilac-colored “Spider Anastasia” while at the store.

Spider Anastasia

Spider AnastasiaIt felt Springy just to buy them and it’s brightening the mood, at least in the kitchen. I had no rhyme or reason with the choice of flower, but I do love the light lilac color and the price of $4.29 may have had something to do with it. 😉

Some other Spring things; we also went to check on the lighthouse at Sandy Hook when some of our friends visited this past weekend.

Sandy Hook lighthouse

You may recall our post about another visit to Sandy Hook from not to long ago. It was super warm out and the clear, bright day offered some great views of NYC.

Sandy Hook observation deck - view of NYCIt may be the “dead of winter” but it sure doesn’t have to feel like it. I guess my natural instincts are kicking in and I’m being tricked into thinking it’s Spring with all the mild weather we’ve been having. Let’s hope we can get away without any big snow storms this year! We’re almost there!

As I said, stay tuned for a post about our bi-fold door installation in our office. Look out for that sometime later this week and if you’re feeling the winter blues, Think Spring; buy some fresh flowers, light a Spring-scented candle, or just get out and try to see a little nature.