You Already Know!

This is NOT the first time we have talked about Weird Al Yankovic on this blog! This time though, I am literally writing a post entirely dedicated to him. This man is a genius. He has been churning out these loveable parodies for decades. From the hits of the past like “Eat It”, “Amish Paradise”, “Pretty Fly for a Rabbi” to the hits of today like “Party in the CIA” and the newly beloved “Word Crimes” and “Tacky”, this guy really knows how to keep a good thing going!

Right now, Weird Al is in the middle of a week-long streak of releasing a new video parody everyday. The context of today’s video really struck a chord with us. Watch and see for yourselves and just envision Andrew and me DIYing around the house to this tune!

For your viewing and listening enjoyment, Weird Al Yankovic’s “Handy”…