Fresh on the Market

We’ve got some news. Some of our close family and friends already know, but the house is on the market and we’ll be moving on to a new fresh-er nest. After 2 years and 7 months, we’re moving on to the next step in our home and life journeys.

Packing Dining Room

Yes, that’s all of our stuff in boxes. I suppose you don’t really realize how much “stuff” you have until it is boxed and stacked in one room of your house. We did something like this before, when we refinished the floors, but that was just a few rooms stuffed into the kitchen.

Packing in Basement

We’ve put a lot into this house, and we’ll be doing a recap/wrap up post soon. Look out for that, and wish us luck in packing EVERYTHING. Also, stay tuned for updates about the hunt for our new place!