The Hurrican’t

So, Hurricane Irene has really brought our projects to a grinding halt. Luckily we’ve stocked up on Hurricane Chow, and headed over to my parents house a bit further inland.

hurricane bilco doorsWe battened down the hatch at home and threw all of the loose junk from our projects into the basement.

bilco doors basement storageAnd now for an incriminating photo of our illegal precautionary actions.

shed storageFor the safety of our home and the others around us, we took our bulk scraps (waiting to be picked up by the garbage company) and threw them into the shed that is technically not on our property. It was part of our property at one time, but it was subdivided and sold separately before we bought the house.

So as I’m writing this, we are 20 miles inland and south of Hazlet, waiting out Hurricane Irene at my parents’ house. Hopefully we can return tomorrow afternoon/evening and get back into the house. In the mean time, we’re just going to sit here and panic. Bye now!