Megan’s been under the weather this whole weekend, so we’ve been under a bit of a self imposed house arrest. To me, this screams of an opportunity to finish a project. There has been one project that has been so close to completion for a weeks now.

Door Painting Process Collage

With the hanging of our bedroom door, all of the main level interior doors have been replaced. This project has not been without its road blocks, and could use some touch ups and adjustments to really be considered complete. That being said, all of the doors we purchased months ago have been hung and that feels pretty good.

Bedroom Door Before and After

When we moved in, all 7 main floor doors were stained plywood lauan doors. Even the closets. Some had been painted white off white light dirt beige. In the case of the bathroom closet door we just took it down and never replaced it. It was totally unnecessary.

Bedroom Design Bi Fold and Six Panel

Big heavy doors for small dark closets have never really made sense to me. That’s why we replaced all of our closet doors with bi-folds. In our “space is a precious commodity” house they take up less space when open and are a little more subtle. You’ve already seen them installed in the office, but we also installed one in our bedroom.

Megan With Bi Fold Closet Door

That’s a satisfied customer. Overall I think the white six panel doors really change the character of the bedroom and provide some nice contrast. They also make the room feel a lot brighter when they are closed. I also added an LED light in the bedroom closet to make it easier to see.

Duracell LED Light Hung in Closet

Megan picked that one out. It’s a nice touch that makes the door less plain.

Glass Door Knob on Bi Fold

Not only did we replace all of the bedroom doors, we replaced the door to the basement. As it turned out the floor was not level and despite ordering a door that “fit” I had to shave and sand the bottom corner down.

Old Basement Lauan Door

That’s what it looked like before. Painted a horrible off white high gloss. Unfortunately the whole mud room that this doorway is in is painted with that thick glossy stuff. That’s a serious project for another day.

New Basement Door with Latch

That room is a little nonsensical, but at least our bedroom makes sense. Someday in the near future, maybe after we rip up the carpet and get the floors refinished, we can touch up all the door frames and trim. After replacing the doors, we’ve been left with stuff like this.

Chipped Door Frame

All in all it is a huge relief to have finished hanging the doors. We decided to just replace the doors themselves rather than the entire frame. We were trying to save ourselves trouble, and at times it was frustrating and almost counter productive. We did avoid having to do any demo, which was the goal in the first place. As fun as smashing stuff is, this isn’t really the time or place. Instead we can enjoy the new doors and head back outdoors to enjoy the summer.

Bedroom Style TV Dresser Six Panel Door