DIY – Ceramic Coasters for Christmas

This story is going back a few months, but I think it still deserves a little write up. As a Christmas gift, I made Megan some DIY custom ceramic coasters. The whole process was fairly easy and I was even able to make them on the sly in the basement without being discovered.

The project starts with some Instagram photos that we had printed awhile ago. You can print your Instagram shots anywhere, but we prefer Winkflash. They can do just about any size you want, and in this case I used 4″x4″ prints. These were previously used when we made a DIY picture clothesline. Here’s a quick how to about hot to make your own DIY coasters.

In addition to the photos of your choosing, you’ll need a foam brush, some 4″x4″ ceramic tiles, glossy Mod Podge, a matte spray sealer, and some cork or foam pads for the bottoms of the tiles.

DIY Coaster Supplies


To start make sure the tiles are clean. If you’re reusing old tiles this is more important. In our case I just picked up some 19 cent white ceramic tiles from Lowes. Next, with the foam brush, apply the Mod Podge to the backs of the photos and stick them to the face of the tiles. Don’t worry about getting a lot of there, you’ll be covering the face of the photo with the Mod Podge anyway.

DIY Coasters Mod Podge

While applying the paste to the front of the photo, you might be worried about the white color and streaks. Don’t worry, this will add texture and then dry clear.

DIY Coasters Mod Podge Instagram

Also, feel free to get some Mod Podge on the edges of the tile to smooth out the rough unfinished sides. Just don’t get anything on the back. When you’re done with all the pictures and tiles (I made 5) let them sit for a few hours while everything dries.

DIY Coasters Spray Seal

Make sure you have a safe, well ventilated area for this next step. If you’ve got the space, take this outside. I started spraying these in the basement and almost gave myself away when it started to smell like a nail salon in our house. Luckily I was by myself and had time to air the place out.

I suggest doing a few coats of spray. Any spray sealant will work. I used one with a matte finish and I’m pretty pleased with the way it came out.

DIY Ceramic Tile Coasters

Let them dry and you’re all set! I picked a few photos that I thought meant a lot to us, Ocean City, NJ, the Pine Barrens (with snow), Crumpler the Bulldog, a pint of Carton’s Boat Beer, and a photo of a stamp from the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. This was an easy DIY that I made in one night, excluding supply gathering and photo printing. Try it yourself and enjoy!

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