A/C U Later

On Thursday the thermometers told us it reached 80 degrees. If this was last March I’d have told you that you were crazy and then drove down to the beach. This winter has been so warm and the transition from cold cool to warm has been so gradual, it seems like 80 degrees in the middle of March actually makes sense.

Daffodils at Deep Cut Gardens

Towards the end of last summer, one of our window unit air conditioners started leaking into the house. We decided that we’d replace it when it got warm. Since it got warm at the end of February this year, that time is now. We decided to replace the two units that came with the house. Their age is questionable and their efficiency is even more so.

Old A/C Unit

That’s one of the window units in question in all of its two-knob glory. To me, window a/c units always seem like they’re just gonna fall out of the window with a gust of window or a gentle push. That is not the case, especially when you follow the instructions.

Window Air Conditioner Lock Down Clip

Weather striping to seal the gaps! Lock down clips, what a concept! Where were these for all of the units that we inherited!?

For our bedroom we bought a 6,500 btu unit, made by Frigidaire. This is designed for cooling 250 square feet, more than enough for our bedroom.

Frigidaire Window A/C Unit

We also bought a larger one for the living room, that will hopefully cool our living room and office/2nd bedroom.

Frigidaire Window A/C Unit (Inside)

That was Thursday, now fast forward to Monday and it just rained all weekend, and the temperatures are dropping (returning to normal). Not to worry, we went out to Lowes and bought this plyethlyne cover made by FrostKing. Seems kind of basic, but I guess its an extra layer of protection from letting the cold in, and it also dampens the sound of rain dropping on the top of the a/c unit.

Polyethylene Window Air Conditioning Cover

So maybe we jumped the gun on the air conditioner, but hopefully it just makes things easier when it actually stays 80 degrees for more than a few days.

Polyethylene Air Conditioning Cover