As I mentioned in my last post about our house, we are officially closing on August 12th. We’ve started squaring away our plans for the move which will actually take place on Sunday August 21st. So we will have 1.5 weekends to start moving small odds and ends and get painting. Since that doesn’t allow for a lot of time, we need to get our priorities in order. We figure that the bedroom and living room are the most important because once we get the furniture in those rooms, we don’t want to have to move it. ie: couches, chairs, bed, dressers. We have a pretty big paint agenda for all of the rooms because we’ve got these old-school 12 x 12 tiles on the ceilings that have some ugly brown lines running in between them. We want to make the entire ceiling in each room white (obviously). The best paint for the job? We’re not entirely sure, so there may be some trial and error. But all of this is for another time and another blog post.

The real story behind this post is packing. For many, packing can be a total nightmare, but for us, it’s a walk in the park. Not to brag or anything, but we are packing pros. Throughout college, I switched dorms/apartments just about every semester. After we graduated, we moved to Collingswood, then to Ewing and now, of course, we’re moving again. (What’s our deal? Read more here)! Needless to say, we’ve got a good system down.

We’re pretty organized on the regular and packing is no exception. We generally stock up on plenty of fresh packing tape and whip out all of our best Sharpies.

Packing tapeSharpies for labelingWe also like to keep a ton of painter’s tape on hand. Because we like to re-use our packing boxes time and time again, we needed to come up with a good labeling system. We use the painter’s tape to apply a detailed label of the contents of each box. When we’re finished unpacking and ready to store our boxes for the next move, we can just remove the painter’s tape labels without damaging the entire box. This also prevents crossing out, re-labeling and mass confusion in the future. We also tend to enlist a lot of help on moving day, so our labels help everyone to know what rooms all the boxes go in.

Packing boxesPainter's tape for labelingLabeling with painter's tape and SharpiesLabeling with painter's tapeSo we’re closing on August 12th and moving all our furniture in on August 21st. There’s no reason to be packing right now, but we are crazy about packing and just checking things off our to-do list. Last night we packed a bunch of clothes that we’re not using right now. We always use all of our suitcases to cart our clothes around. Why waste more boxes when you can just use what you’ve already got?

Suitcases for packing clothesWe also removed all of our curtains along with the curtain rods. Crazy? Yes. Downside to this? Super bright light shining through our curtain-less windows at 6AM.

Our curtain-less window