Where Does the Time Go?

No seriously…where does the time go? Days seem to crawl by sometimes, but then all of a sudden it’s Spring! And we haven’t written a blog post in what seems like ages! I can’t promise this next one here is going to be great, but it’s something. We’ve been enjoying our house lately and slowing down on major projects. We’re still bustin’ doors left and right, so definitely stay tuned for some updates on that.

It’s been super warm here in Jersey. We recently bought some new window A/C units because the ones that came with our house were pretty old and the one started leaking toward the end of last Summer. It’s a good thing we got them when we did because many of the Lowe’s in our immediate area were sold out of the units we were looking for! It’s been so warm, we actually installed the new A/C unit for the bedroom the other day. We heard it was going to be almost 80 today so we figured we might need it! Turns out, it’s not going to be quite that warm, especially at night. Nevertheless, we don’t plan on needing the heat again until October so there the A/C unit stays!

In other news…we have this skeleton of a canopy in our backyard. The previous owners left it for us, along with the canopy top and mosquito net that wraps around to create the walls of the canopy. We even busted that thing out the other week. We got the canopy top on and despite the fact that it was a bit dirty (just like everything that was left in the house), it suits the setup just fine. The mosquito net, however, had seen better days so we headed to Lowe’s to look for a new one. We saw one on a shelf that was marked $78, but one of the individual boxes was marked $58. Of course we took the one marked for less! Then we decided to check Target just to see if they had anything cheaper. Of course they did – $39 for a mosquito net. Obviously we went with that one and planned to return the $58 one to Lowe’s. We got some store credit to Lowe’s for that return – if you think hard enough you can just imagine which amount ended up on our store credit GC 😉

Anyway, it’s the tricks of the trade. We hardly ever pay full price for anything, ever, ever, ever. And when we get into situations with Comcast or if we buy a defective water filter for our Samsung refrigerator (true story) we get something in return. We recently got a ton of credits toward Best Buy because of their horrible customer service over the phone. I literally just asked for extra Reward points and they gave them to me, so we bought (for FREE) a wall mount for our new bedroom TV. We’ve lowered our Comcast bill on more than one occasion since we moved in, and this was all done via their Live Chat service. As for our defective water filter? We badgered Samsung a bit until they decided to send us a $50 Lowe’s gift card – more than enough to cover the cost of the filter.

So lesson learned – never pay full price for anything and don’t take no for an answer. Which brings me to this gem…

Andrew Extreme Couponing