Hosta La Vista, Baby

Garden Sign

OK, so maybe that title is a little misleading. This weekend we planted some hostas, and thus far they haven’t left.

Front Yard with Pruned Plants

This weekend’s weather was perfect for being outside and we took full advantage by clearing out some dead trees and stumps, trimming and pruning every shrub and planting some new plants, including some hostas of various colors.

Freshly Planted Hostas

Hosta Sprout Close Up

At this point they are nothing more than little sprouts in the garden, but that’s a start for sure. I feel pretty confident about what we’ve done, despite not really having the greenest thumb. My parents both are really good with their gardening but I don’t know if that has been passed down to me.

Peat and Potting Mix

Our soil is kind of sandy, and we’re in the middle of drought right now. To try and combat that, we planted the hostas with a mix of peet, potting soil and osmocote. Oh, and lots of water.

Front Yard in April

As I said, we’re in the middle of a drought. Our grass seems overrun with weeds, but we remain confident. We’ve been quietly working on it here and there since we moved in. I’ll monitor the progress of our garden for the rest of the summer, and hopefully keep posting updates as things improve.

Here are two final pictures. One of another hosta from the front yard to show you what they will look like and then a shot of the new ones from yesterday.

Full Hosta in April

Hostas Day 4


One thought on “Hosta La Vista, Baby”

  1. Hostas are awesome! When the outgrow where you planted them, you can just hack them in half (in the fall, I think) and plant a brand new hosta somewhere else. When my family moved into the house I grew up in, there were two hosta plants. The entire yard (all 6 acres) now has hostas growing wherever there’s a spare patch of dirt (they’ve been splitting them every year for 20 years now and have started to give them away because there’s just too many hostas).

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