Okay so let’s face it…we’re a little exhausted from doing tons of house projects. We’re not as active with the whole reno-crazy lifestyle we have been living. We’ve done all of the major overhauls (bathroom, kitchen floor and cabinets), so now we’re just onto little projects. Our next big thing will probably painting our kitchen tiles. I can hear it already; “painting tiles?!” Yes, painting tiles. There is definitely a way to do it and we are determined to turn our dirty off-white tiles into sleek, modern gray tiles. We hope to bring a lovely new color to one of our favorite spaces in the house, as well a fresh, cleaned-up look.

And that brings us to this wedding-related post (hence our lack of content for a house/home improvement-related post)! As we’ve already mentioned, we tied the knot on September 30th, 2011. We opted for a nice little sand ceremony as opposed to a candle lighting or what have you.Wedding sand ceremonySo the big question has been, “well what will you do with the sand afterward?” Simple…we turned it into a little wedding keepsake. Check it out…

Wedding DIY sand ceremonyWe have some shells we’ve gathered in our travels, shells from our honeymoon in Mexico and some sea glass from the beach right near our house. From the wedding, we have a rose from Andrew’s boutonniere and my Irish horseshoe and framed photo of my Mom that I carried on my bouquet the day of the wedding. Now we have a little keepsake that we keep in our china cabinet, along with our toasting flutes and a framed wedding photo. It’s more or less a shrine to the wedding, but the point is…look what we did with the sand!