Fresh Start

Where do we begin? We’ve asked ourselves this question so many times over the past year, it’s remarkable. Getting married, buying a house, starting a blog about it? We must be crazy, but here is where we plan to hash it all out.

It all started back in 2004 when we met in college. {We both went to Rowan University where we majored in Radio/TV/Film}. Our friendship blossomed into a crazy, fun relationship and we’ve been inseparable ever since. After graduating in 2008, we moved to Collingswood, NJ where we enjoyed short (15 minutes) commutes into Philly where Megan was an Assistant Producer for a TV production company, and Andrew was a Rental Technician for a film and video equipment rental house.

In 2010, Andrew accepted a new job in Secaucus as a Digital Imaging Technician, and that’s when we moved to Ewing (where we are now) to try and split the difference between metro NYC and the City of Brotherly Love. Not long after Andrew started his new job, Megan accepted a new position in Wall Township (at the famed “Jersey Shore”) as a Social Marketing Coordinator.

Knowing that we’d now be able to shorten our now long commutes by moving to the Eastern (arguably *better*) side of the state, we began looking at apartments close to the shore and the Garden State Parkway. Our Realtor suggested we consider buying, so we sat down with a loan officer and, thus, the process began.

Now we’re planning a wedding and buying a house, all at the same time. Yeah, it’s been done before, but it’s like nothing we’ve ever tried! This is where Fresh Nest comes into play. We want to document our process. We are super frugal, tech-savvy, DIY wannabes, the-internet-makes-all-things-possible-believers with a passion for turning our new little house into a super, sweet home. We’ve got tons of dreams and ideas, but can we actually execute them? Here is where we will document the process of finding out!