Outdoorsy (kinda).

Wow…has it really been almost 3 weeks since we last made a blog post?! Sure has. We can’t lie; we’re not as on top of this whole blogging thing as we were in the beginning. Truth is, we don’t have much going on at the house right now. We’re still replacing all of our interior doors (long process) and Andrew should have an update on that in a bit. We’re getting an estimate for re-finishing our hardwood floors, but we don’t know if we will be moving forward with that project right away. Needless to say, things have been a bit “boring” in our (not-so Fresh) Nest.

However (BIG however), we’re enjoying our house and we’re working on turning our backyard into a little sanctuary. Every time I see these colorful Adirondack chairs, I ask if we can get them, so we finally DID! Of course we picked green (my fave, one of Andrew’s faves). We wanted to create a little impromptu lounge area with a place to set a drink or a snack and relax. We knew our current patio area would be the perfect place for this little setup, so here it is…

Backyard Green Adirondack Chairs

As for our canopy –

Backyard Canopy

We’re at a loss…for now! We toyed with the idea of trying to grow the grass there, but decided that was a lost cause. We also seriously looked into doing a little paver patio setup. I thought, “oh what do we need like 50 of these big pavers?” WRONG! They are mega expensive and we would need way more than I thought, running that project upwards of $1,000 real quick! Now, we’re thinking we can make a little gravel pit sort of setup. We knew we had seen this type of setup in the past, but we just weren’t sure about it, so we did a little research and found that TONS of people have “gravel patios.”

Backyard Canopy Open

It’s a project that will be much more our speed and probably way less expensive. We also realized that a paver patio is probably a little too classy for us. We don’t plan on dining outside; we just want a little seating area and a fire pit, so gravel is the way to go! Not sure if this project will make the cut this year, but if it does, you’ll be sure to read about it here! For now here’s a delicious snack we enjoyed outside with our new chairs.

Delicious Tuna Salad in a Pita

Stay tuned for more updates from us and, in the meantime, follow us on Twitter and follow me on Pinterest! I’m constantly (and I mean constantly pinning tons of inspiration for our house, so follow me to see what I’m dreaming up and get a feel for our upcoming project ideas!