Futon: It’s ON!

As we’ve mentioned previously, we’ve been trying to re-invent the Office, Formerly Known as “Office.” We’ve been working a bit to convert the office into more of a guest room and we have finally finished the job.

A few months back we painted the office and totally zenned out the place with a soft grayish, greenish, blue hue and some dark brown bamboo blinds. From there, we started the process of changing the office to a guest space by booting the desk setup to the living room and moving our old love seat that gets no love into the Office, Formerly Known as Office. You can follow the picture progression below for reference:deskoffice desklivingroom Couch in Spare RoomAt that point, the room was destined to be dubbed, “Guest Room.” But there was one missing piece; a place for guests to sleep! We knew we wanted to get a futon so we could achieve the day-to-night look and functionality that we need, we were just waiting for the perfect one to come along and it finally did!

Black futon for guest roomMeet the newest addition to our “fresh nest.” This versatile guy folds down into a bed in a snap and we’ve already had 2 sets of guests give it a whirl. When the mattress itself arrived, it was so tightly shrink wrapped, I got a little nervous as to whether or not it would hold up to the “6” coil spring futon mattress” description I saw online when purchasing. However, with just one cut to the plastic wrap, this thing went from about 1″ to 6″ in about 6 seconds – pretty amazing shipping method if you ask me.

We purchased the futon frame with mattress from Wal-Mart.com for under $250. I think that’s quite a steal since most futons can run you upwards of $1,000.00 depending on how much you’re willing to spend. I, of course, was not looking to drop that amount of cash, so this was the perfect option. And it’s well worth every penny. This thing actually has coils, unlike most futons that are stuffed with who-knows-what.

I think this will last quite some time and will be versatile in this house and future houses for years to come!