Paint Chips & Tips

Picking out paint can seem like an easy process, but when you add up all the supplies, add in the paint itself and then multiply that by the endless amount of colors, you’re left with a bit of a task. AND that’s before you’ve even started painting.

Paint suppliesWe’re less than a week away from painting (and moving in), so yesterday I was out at Lowes getting supplies and getting some paint samples. So far we’ve got some samples for our bedroom and the living room.

Paint SamplesMore importantly, we think we’ve figured something out for our ceilings. We’ve had a hard time getting a straight answer on what to do with our mystery, 12×12, acoustic ceiling tiles. On top of that we don’t have access to them at the moment. (We haven’t even closed yet, DUH). As it turns out, after having a chat with the paint master at Lowes, we probably won’t need to prime the tiles, and will be able to use a regular ceiling paint. (Yes)! We’ll have to follow up on this in a few weeks to post an update about how it turned out.
Minted Lemon Burnished MetalIt’s easy to go way overboard and grab every paint chip you see, but then you’ll just be left with too many paint chips and not enough decisions made. We found it pretty helpful that near the Behr display at Home Depot they had daylight, fluorescent, and incandescent light to check out the chips in any of the aforementioned lighting scenarios. Ultimately, I think that it comes down to being decisive and pulling the trigger. It’s probably impossible to imagine a color that HASN’T been made into a paint. So live it up, Minted Lemon.