Decor Galore

Now that we’ve tackled a lot of big projects, it’s time to start making this house a home by adding our own personal touches. We’re big fans of decorating and incorporating tons of photos into every room. If I had to pin down our style, I’d say it’s a mixed bag, but some words that come to mind include; vintage, modern, classic, practical, functional, slightly offbeat.

So far, we’ve got a good mixture of decor going on throughout the home. Take a walk through what we’ve got so far… Our decor collection includes some new items, hand-me-downs and others we’ve picked up throughout the years.

House plantAndrew’s company was kicking some plants out of their offices, so he pilfered this one and brought it home.

Living room mirrorThis mirror started it’s journey in my 16 year-old bedroom (trying to be sophisticated at that age…think I did a pretty decent job), then it hung above our dressers in our first apartment, in our dining area in our second apartment and now it’s hanging above the loveseat in our living room.

Wall photo frame arrangementThese photos have always hung this way, and I knew this wall in our bedroom would be the perfect place for them to live in the new house. I’m just generally in love with this arrangement for the frames and, of course, the photos in them. The top left is a flowering branch on some tree at the La Brea tar pits in L.A., the center is the two of us hanging out on the hill below the Royal Observatory in England (at the Prime Meridian, where Greenwich Mean Time happens, stood in the Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere…AT THE SAME TIME. NBD). The lower right photo is a lovely little beach scene at sunset with a palm tree in the foreground – another from California, this one in Santa Monica.

Circle mirrors from TargetHere’s a new addition to the decor family…some circle mirrors from Target. First of all, we love Target. Second of all, we love mirrors. And third of all, we love being slightly offbeat, yet modern. We thought these would help us start adding to the big wall in our dining room.

Wall decalsHere we have a bit of temporary decor. These wall decals were just for fun. We’ve got some unsightly screw holes in our kitchen that we’re not prepared to spackle and paint at the moment, so we’re probably going to be finding some creative ways to cover them up for now. These decals were also purchased on clearance at Target. They may or may not stay up for awhile – I’m trying to decide whether they are adding “pizazz” or making the space look less sophisticated?? I can’t tell!

Shadow box on our picture wallLastly, the beginnings of a glorious picture wall! For now, we’ve got a new addition to our decor catalog, hanging all by its lonesome on the wall. We found this shadowbox at Home Goods and decided we liked it plenty, so we snatched it up. We haven’t figured out what we’re going to pin in it yet, but I’m sure it will all start coming together – if we can tear ourselves away from all of our big projects from time to time!