Vacuums Suck

Well not all vacuums suck, in terms of suction that is. Here’s the dilemma: we received a hand-me-down vacuum that worked just fine, but about 5 months ago, it crapped out. There was a burning smell and we just didn’t feel like dealing with it, so we trashed the thing. We went right out to Target and bought the best looking vacuum we could find (and the most affordable, of course). The one we found was the Hoover Windtunnel Rewind

Hoover Windtunnel BaglessSo what’s the deal with this sucker? No pun intended, seriously…the suction was way off. So off, that once we took the thing apart, we found out the belt was broken! After several (and I mean several) phone calls with Hoover, I finally got them to send a new belt. They sent not one, but two, for the inconvenience!

In the midst of all this broken belt nonsense, we ran out to Bed Bath and Beyond with one of our many gift cards (courtesy of my bridal shower) and bought a wonderful, stupendous, awesome Bissell Cleanview Helix.

Bissell Cleanview HelixOnce we got the new belt on the Hoover Windtunnel, it was time to actually put the sucker to the test. Turns out, the Bissell Cleanview was still 10 times better than Hoover Windtunnel. Yes, the Hoover had pluses, like a convenient on/off switch, easy to disassemble when changing the belt, cord rewind. But the Bissell Cleanview just blew all of that out of the water. The Bissell has a very easy to clean container for emptying the dust and dirt, it’s not self-propelled, but it feels easier to push, the hose has a neat little handle for gripping to reach vertically (to clean curtains, even grab cob webs off the ceiling) and most importantly, it is much more powerful. It covers a wider area too. To end this slightly long story (as far as vacuum stories are concerned), we’re selling the Hoover Windtunnel on Craigslist. So we’re about $120 in the hole from that purchase, but because we purchased the Bissell with BB&B gift cards, we’re chalking it up to “no harm, no foul.” Hopefully we will make a quick $75 – $100 bucks by selling the Hoover.

Moral of the story is: when it comes to vacuums, they can never suck too much.

Wondering how we manage to keep so calm and write lengthy blog posts about vacuums while we’re just 3 days away from closing on our first home? Yeah, we were wondering the same thing. Stay tuned here and follow us on Twitter @FreshNestTweets for all the latest updates about our house!