Painting for the Future

We are no strangers to the paint game. Any one who has ever read this blog or seen either of our houses knows that. We also have recently announced that we’re expecting a baby in November, so we’ve begun prepping a spare room.

It was a little less than a year ago that I was upstairs tearing up carpet, one of the first things we did when we moved in. I took an afternoon off and decided to spackle some cracks and repaint the room. We’ve seen some ads for Benjamin Moore’s No-VOC paint, Natura and decided to give it a try in this room, considering a small human being will be inhabiting it at some point.

Benjamin Moore Natura

I found that, just like all of the other paint and primer in one’s that we’ve used, if there is a bold color underneath, you’ll never be able to get away with just one coat. The finish is really great on this paint, and in a room with one window, I could appreciate the no-VOC qualities.

Nursery Window Before Benjamin Moore Sweet Honeydew Melon

We decided on using a gender neutral color, and found one we both really liked called Sweet Honeydew Melon. I think it really brightens the room, and is that soothing shade of nature we were looking for to fit with our planned woodland theme.

Nursery Door Before

Benjamin Moore Sweet Honeydew Melon

That’s a just a few before and after shots of our recent paint job. Stay tuned to see how the room shapes up as we start furnishing and adding decor.



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15 thoughts on “Painting for the Future”

  1. I assume it’s an attic. And personally, I would love to have one at home. In fact, I wanted my room to be in an attic and I am planning to make it a real project. Thanks for sharing some good tips regarding the use of paint. I would love to consider this one.

  2. Good call on the low VOC paint and what a perfect color for a babies room! Just curious, did you tape all the baseboards and door/window or did you use a straight edge? I’ve got another home improvement weekend coming up, and I really hate taping! LOL

  3. Hello Andrew,
    Great Work!!
    Look like new perfect addition for the room.
    I am planning to color work for home so thanks for sharing useful information of paint.

  4. If you want to have your own niche, this would be a perfect place. In fact, it’s really a nice part of the house and it just needs proper decorating ideas and paint can help making it more appealing too.

  5. Thank you for the article!
    Your room really looks nice. It’s bright and the color is just right for the child’s room.
    I also would like to know where did you buy this paint?

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