A Tree Grows in Hazlet

Last week we decided to take care of some business around the house, outdoors to be exact. As we blogged about in the past, a tree fell on my car last year during Hurricane Sandy. Since then, we have obviously wanted to get rid of the eyesore in our back yard (the broken tree).

In addition to that, there is a big huge oak tree in our neighbors driveway, right on our property line. This tree is so huge, it’s limbs extend out to the street, out to our backyard and out, across our driveway in a few directions. The limbs were getting dangerously close to the house and were already putting our cars in a lot of danger…until now! We did our homework on several tree experts in the area and our friends at Avery Tree Experts were up for the challenge.

Tree trimming

We got a great deal from these guys and they did an excellent job. I spoke with them on Tuesday and they came and did the job on Wednesday – amazing! Now we have no limbs hanging over our driveway and nothing is stretching toward the roof of our house. We have also ridded our backyard of that awful broken tree from the storm. I feel a lot safer now from this tree, especially when it comes to major hurricanes, which have been a regular occurrence in New Jersey for us lately!

Tree trimming, trimmed treeTrimming branches on a treeTree stump, tree trimming

So you may be wondering, “why no DIY on this project?” Simply put: this job was just way too big for us. Not only do we not have the proper tools (chain saw, etc.) we also just could never reach these limbs and additionally, hauling everything away…not really sure how we would pull that off. This was definitely one for the professionals, and we have talked about this before, but I think it’s really important to realize when you can DIY and when you need to ask for help from the pros.

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