We Will Become Silhouettes

When making DIY silhouettes, I just could not resist using that title for this post (a Postal Service song for those who may not get the reference). I’m a Photoshop fanatic and always have been. I use Photoshop on a daily basis at work and we’re constantly using it to create graphics and adjust photos for the blog. Recently I started messing around with some of my favorite photos and decided to come up with a framed collection of silhouettes.

*This post can serve as a quick reference step-by-step guide for you to make your own DIY Silhouettes! You will need:

Some digital photos
Photoshop (and basic Photoshop skills)
A color printer, fully loaded with paper

We purchased some cheap-o frames of various colors, styles and sizes – cheap is great in this case because customizing the silhouette is your chance to add style and pops of color. I took two photos from our wedding and found a pre-made silhouette of one of our favorite pooches, inspired by this guy:

English Bulldog Crumpler

For anyone who doesn’t know, that’s Crumpler, my family dog. He doesn’t live with us of course, but we love this little fellow 🙂

I used Photoshop to ‘magnetic lasso’ the two of us out of these photos, taken by the oh-so-awesome RHM Photography crew:

Wedding Photo Wedding Photo

I carefully traced and cropped us out. Then turned us into silhouetted shapes by simply dyeing everything black. Then I messed with the background colors, added another layer with a damask look for some texture and arranged each photo into a 4 x 6, 7 x 5 and 8 x 10 canvas as shown:

DIY silhouette project

I thought the 8 x 10 might look a little better with a matted look so I created a white sort of frame within my canvas and used bevel and emboss settings to add some depth to the faux matte. Then I printed and voila!

DIY silhouettes

Then my lovely assistant Andrew cut the silhouettes out and framed them for me to create the finished product.

DIY silhouettes

Now…where to hang them?? Most likely in the office because we’re still in the process of getting that room fully decorated. Stay with us to find out where these DIY silhouettes end up!



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