Painting Again?

That’s right…we’re thinking of painting again! Yes, we’ve only been in the house for just over 1 year, but we’re starting to realize that “Minted Lemon”, featured in our living room, and “Sunbeam”, featured in our office, are not meshing very well. You can read all about our 1st adventure in painting by clicking here! Because the office and living room are directly next to one another, it’s sort of like shared space. We think we need to find a way to make the colors throughout our house (specifically in these two rooms), blend a bit better. I love the loud green color and the cheery yellow, but maybe not together, right next to one another.

House paint colors

So far, we’re just shopping around for new colors. We really like paint and primer in one and since we love Lowe’s so much, that would point us to Lowe’s “Olympic One.” We’ve used it before, and with good results, so we will most likely be picking new colors from their collection. We want to keep with the same color scheme, but we want to seriously dumb down the brightness and really go for some muted tones this time. We love the look of “Pale Vista” to replace the bold and bright “Minted Lemon.”


For the office, we like this very subtle yellow. It’s almost white, but I’m confident that in the office, it will show up as a lovely soft yellow.


Together, with the other colors we have throughout the rest of the house, we think we have a winning combination…


Pictured above:

  • “Fresh Day”, Bathroom
  • “Burnished Metal”, Bedroom
  • “Gray Beige”, Dining Room
  • “Sugared Shortbread”, potential for the Office
  • “Pale Vista”, potential for the Living Room

What do you think? Should we keep the bold green and yellow or take it down a notch with some more muted tones?? Head over to our Facebook page to voice your opinion!