In the Mood

Can you paint with all the colors? Apparently we can. (Yes that was a Pocahontas reference. No I am not ashamed). We had two apartments before our house, but we walked into this with no painting experience. I think we have a good eye for color and coordination (well, maybe just me since A is colorblindish ;-)), but I tend to feel like we went a little nuts with the “rainbow in my house” effect here. I was determined to have a green living room and that bright color may have been just fine if we didn’t also pick an outlandishly bight yellow for the immediately adjacent office. I LOVE the grayish blueish color in our bedroom, but still, the colors don’t really flow from room to room as nicely as some other homes I’ve seen in my DIY blog reading travels.

With that being said, I do still love our color choices and I do think we do a pretty decent job of tying colors together; at least in each individual room. For those of you who actually care about this stuff, I wanted to create a little room-by-room inventory per say. It may take awhile to gather all the elements, but I think it will be helpful to have a source list for paint colors and other decor, furniture and miscellaneous items in our home that tie each room (and, ultimately, the whole place) together.

This will start out as a blog post, but eventually I would like to create an entire section on the blog dedicated to these “mood boards.” Let’s start with the living room:

Living room mood board

  1. Behr Paint and Primer in One in Minted Lemon
  2. Bath and Body Works Lamb Blanket (sits atop the couch, for use on chilly evenings)
  3. Lattice Cube Shelves from Kohl’s
  4. Target Home Medallion Rug
  5. L-O-V-E letters from Michael’s (used at our wedding and re-purposed as part of our picture wall)
  6. Hemnes Coffee Table from IKEA
  7. Woodland Creature Candles (not to be lit!) from Kohl’s
  8. Bicycle print body pillowcase from Target (body pillow featured on our loveseat)
  9. Vejmon Side Table from IKEA

We’re getting in the mood, indeed.