Hurricane Clean Up Crew

Well, we survived Hurricane Irene, and so did our house! But if you’re following us on Twitter, you already knew that.

Hurricane Irene Clean Up

Tree down Hurricane IreneWe returned to our house on Sunday evening from Freehold. We were staying with my parents to ride out the storm. Because Hazlet is in a coastal area, we thought it would be better to just self-evacuate since the probability of mandatory evacuation was getting pretty high. So we returned to our house in Hazlet to find the power out and some tree limbs down, but everything was in tact. This 10 footer landed right where I usually park my car, but that was the closest we came to real damage.

Hazlet NJ Stick Pile Hurricane IreneAll in all, I’ve seen bigger piles of sticks. NBD.

Now in the mean time, we’ve been building some IKEA furniture for our kitchen. Duktig!

IKEAWe’ve been tweeting away about our new kitchen furniture, but stay tuned for an upcoming blog post with details and more pictures!